People, Trying

by Ted Taforo

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Dedicated to you...

Music IS people,

We are all connected.


released May 27, 2019

Written, performed, and produced by Ted Taforo (Taforo Music BMI)


all rights reserved



Ted Taforo Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Concrete Life
When thanks become a plead
like cracks of a concrete life leading
to old lords' fresh trimmed trees

Where I could sit and figure out
what myself is all about...
Track Name: Some People
Magic hair and sugar kites
flying through the sky
sunday whistles like some disaster masterpiece

And no it wasn't the first time
not the first time...
or the last

I'm trying to live it
but guess what?
you can't see it in the dark
it's not as far as you might think it would be

Or at least I hope it's not...

Go away, come here
far away, so clear
you're the one, I'm the two
it's not so funny
as what they'd like to say that they do...

Try to breathe
my memory
of perfect fairy queens and everything in between

My little earthworm reveries won't keep me down for very long
you're the first one who was ever born this way
try no to waste it

It's all the time you've got...

Some people get to stay
and never go away
they keep them here
and let them play

Try to live it, you can see it in the light
it's not as close as you might've thought it was
but trust me

The end is still in sight...

Go away, come here
far away, so clear
you're the one, I'm the two
it's not as funny
as what they'll do to you...
Track Name: Deadly Force
Mostly folks are scared by yolks
of eggs they can't see

Rancid spokes will turn the hoax
create a wheel of me

And what is that which you are not?
the face is palmed when you are caught

Lies and cheats become the truth
if no one knows to look

Connect, repress, accept, defer
the people's lives you took

And who can fix just what you are?
They say we've come so far
Track Name: People Trying
People trying to figure out who they are...
underneath everything they've ever done or said to each other...
Track Name: Owl's Eyes
God of the sky,
order the stars,

What do you see,
without a lens,

We are just spots in an owl's eyes,
black and white lightning in the skies,
how to long to realize that the world is blind?

Bloodied and weary,
marching toward the sea,
broken and innocent,
losing our sense of sight

Open your eyes,
all of us here,

What have you learned,
owls of the mind,

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